Why Your Midsize Business Needs A Virtual SOC

May 25 · 3 min read

Businesses of all sizes are falling victim to sophisticated cyber attacks. While larger corporations have responded by investing major resources into cyber security, midsize businesses are left vulnerable, having fewer resources to protect themselves with. At SourcetekIT, we provide midsize businesses with enterprise-level protection through our Virtual Security Operations Center (SOC).

So how exactly can a Virtual SOC tend to the needs and restrictions of a midsize business?

The Importance of Cyber Security for Midsize Businesses

Every year the rates of cyber crime grow, with hackers developing new ways to access sensitive information. Though many stories of cyber breaches in the press cover the experiences of large corporations, small to midsize businesses are still at risk. In fact, cyber criminals may turn to these easier targets as larger corporations begin to strengthen their security.

Security breaches are devastating no matter the business size. However, it only takes one breach to put a midsize organization out of business- and if the initial attack doesn’t, the downtime required to respond to such an attack soon will. So how can a midsize business protect themselves in a cost effective manner?

What is a Virtual SOC?

A Virtual Security Operations Center (SOC) is a remote group of cyber security professionals that monitor your network’s security, alert you of vulnerabilities, and help design practices to limit your risk of cyber attack. At SourcetekIT, we operate the only government certified SOC in Canada, extending our Cyber Essentials certification to every client.

Why Virtual, Not In-House?

With so many tasks being outsourced in a business, it’s no surprise that security services have followed the trend. Virtual SOCs have proven to be a valuable asset to businesses of all sizes. Specifically for midsize businesses, Virtual SOCs have relieved these businesses of responsibilities without breaking the bank. This frees businesses to focus on other important tasks crucial to the success of their operation.-SoucetekIT is a North American security firm with the only government certified SOC in Canada. Using the government developed and backed cyber security program, Cyber Essentials Canada, SourcetekIT implements a security plan for their clients that targets both IT and security risk management across the entire business. Once the cyber security program is established, SourcetekIT’s clients receive the Cyber Essentials Certification, a signal to their employees, investors, and consumers that they are dedicated to protecting their private information.

  1. At the heart of this transition from in-house to virtual is the fact that many businesses do not have the time or money to build and manage an in-house SOC. A Virtual SOC means businesses can access cost-effective solutions, without sacrificing the quality of their security practices.
  2. Virtual SOCs bring skills and experience to your business. With a proven track record, your business does not have to worry about outdated practices or trial and error attempts to secure your data. Additionally, if an organization employs an in-house team they are responsible for investing in training for their team to keep up with the latest practices.
  3. Virtual SOCs also provide proactive monitoring; they are monitoring your network 24/7, ready to report and respond to a breach at any moment. Alternatively, in-house employees are only monitoring your network during their 9–5 work hours.
  4. Virtual SOCs ensure an organization is compliant with Federal and State regulations, such as putting defenses in place to protect sensitive information and presenting reports for regulatory requirements. This is yet another way Virtual SOCs take on responsibilities that would have been an organization’s if they were to have an in-house team.

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SourcetekIT’s SOC is the only Government certified SOC in Canada! We specialize in all things cybersecurity.