iOS customized activity indicator with Swift 3.0.2

An activity indicator is a spinning wheel that indicates a task is in the midst of being processed. If an action takes a noticeable and indeterminate amount of time to process — such as a CPU-intensive task or connecting to a network — you should display an activity indicator to give assurance to the user that your app is not stalled or frozen.

Image Preview

How to use:

//Show activityIndicatorView
customActivityIndicatory(self.view, startAnimate: true)
//hide activityIndicatorView
customActivityIndicatory(self.view, startAnimate: false)

Elements Similar to an Activity Indicator

The following element provides similar functionality to an activity indicator:

Progress View. A class that represents a progress bar. Use this class instead of an activity indicator when your task takes a determinate amount of time. For more information, see Progress Views.

Stackoverflow: Sour Leangchhean