My chin is still trying to fight the accutane

It’s is a hot ass mess. Funny thing is when my adult acne started my chin was the first part to breakout and has the most scarring. I use to be self conscious about the scarring, but I’m kind of over it. They are welt like scars versus the ones that leave dents or moon surface type of face. They are all bad. My chin currently has a different texture than the other part of my face that’s behaving better. It is rough so I actually had to use face cleanser er with AHA and BHA to smooth it out. The skin is stripping also in that area.

I purposely skipped a dose today so I can start taking the pill in the afternoon versus night. Sometimes I don’t want to eat at night, but I have to take food with the meds, but then I’m literally not hungry. So will start on new time cycle tomorrow for brunch/lunch time

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