Joha’s Nail

New Year’s Reflection 2011

Six years ago I read an article by Uri Avnery, the founder of the Gush Shalom peace movement, titled Joha’s Nail. Here is an extract from the article:

“One day Joha, the hero of popular Arab humor, sold his home. The price he demanded was ridiculously low and he had only one condition: “on one of the walls there is a nail that I am much attached to. I don’t want to sell it.” The buyer readily agreed. Who cares about a nail? After some days, Joha came to the house and hung his coat on the nail. After that he brought his bed and started to sleep there. “The nail is so dear to me, that I can’t bear sleeping away from it,” he explained. Another time he brought his family to visit the nail and had a party there. In the end, the new owner couldn’t bear it anymore and bought the nail for a price many times higher than he had paid for the home itself. Maybe the leaders of Israel do not know the story, but their behavior certainly resembles it…”

Six years on, not much has changed, we still don’t have peace and the settlement are still being built, in fact the year 2010 was somewhat bizarre in how brazen the Israeli are becoming with a total disregard to the world opinion. To me, this is a sign of either absolute arrogance/confidence in their ability to withstand external pressure or a sign of internal problems in the fabric of the Israeli political system that pushes slowly to the extreme right, in other words it will eventually lead to a closed system that self destruct from the inside.

To draw an analogy let me go back to Uri’s Joha’s Nail story with the image of Joha’s nail and the hanging coat, I can’t help it not to worry about that nail, yes I do worry because this is no mythical story, this is in fact real life and in real life nails go rusty and risk snapping. On the face of it that might sound like a good thing for that nail (Israel) to go on rusting then eventually snap. After all, this will mean that the West will have no excuse to come middle in our business, implant puppet leaders, invade countries, and run our resources to the ground (or more like off the ground and into their oil reserve facilities), I’m afraid, yes afraid that this nail is so close to snapping and if this happens then we are risking a chain reaction that might lead to a house on fire — or in another words a Middle East that is in state of chaos, a better solution would be to slowly take the coat of the nail before it snaps, I hope 2011 can bring peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because if not we haven’t got much long before this rusty nail actually snaps.