One water district employee’s walk on the plastic side

Little feet on our fake grass

Seven years ago, we had a backyard that absolutely could not grow grass. We tried everything, all types but no matter what we would do, it would die a sad, miserable death. At the same time, we had baby on the way and one toddler and that needed a place outside to roam.

“What about fake grass?” my husband suggested. My automatic reaction, “UGH! Plastic carpet?” After meeting with several contractors and looking at many of the neighborhood lawns, we were sold. I had admired one lawn of our “newish” neighborhood since we moved in and was amazed by how they kept it so perfect. My husband snickered, grabbed my hand, and led me down the block. “Feel it,” he urged. “Feel what?” I retorted. “Feel the grass,” he chuckled. I knelt down and felt the grass; the whole time imagining what my neighbors would think of me on all fours with my nose in the grass. Embarrassed and surprised, I realized I had been admiring fake grass the whole time.

Wags loves to lie on the warm grass

Years later, our kids have crawled on it, pushed their walkers on it, and chased the dog and soccer balls across our fake lawn. Does it get hot? It can, but we put up a sunshade to protect their hands and feet. Yes, the dog uses the grass for relief. However, no weird smells or brown spots. It survived the gold spray paint that my son painted the grass with last St. Patrick’s Day (for the leprechauns, of course). A little Dove soap and a soft brush took it right off. I have used an iron for cleaning up many melted crayons. Overall, we love our “fake grass.” It requires no water or mowing, doesn’t shrivel up and die, and just requires a little rake brushing and an occasional vacuum to keep it in mint condition. I always laugh when company arrives, goes down on all fours, and puts their hands in the grass. Yep, it’s fake.

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