Protect your home from a nasty household attack this holiday

November 8 — South Laguna Beach, CA — South Coast Water District wants to help you protect your home from a household attack this holiday season. The culprit of a holiday attack is right in front of you. You may want to ignore it, but pouring it down the drain will only cause you more problems and an expensive visit from an expert in household attacks (AKA the plumber).

All year long, people pour byproducts of cooking down their sink drains. During the holiday season, significant quantities of these cooking fats will make their way into your pipes and eventually into the sanitary sewer system via your kitchen sink.

Many of our favorite holiday foods contain fats, oils, and grease — including turkey, dressing, sauces, baked goods and dairy products. If the grease is poured down the drain, it may stick to the sides of sewer pipes. Once it cools, it becomes a solid mass, and over time, the build-up can block the pipes.

These blockages can lead to a household attack. The result can be very unpleasant: raw sewage overflows can back up into your house or your neighbors’ house, posing a potential health risk due to contact with sewage. Back-ups also require expensive cleanup and a very expensive emergency visit from your plumber.

You can take simples steps to protect a grease attack. The holiday season is an excellent time to start making changes that will carry into the New Year.

Putting grease down the drain can cause holiday heartache.

Here are a few simple tips:

  • Do not put oil, grease, or greasy foods down the drain.
  • Mix cooking oil with an absorbent material such as cat litter or coffee grounds. Let it cool, and place it in a lidded container and dispose of it in a trash can.
  • Scrape leftover food and grease into the trash.
  • Wipe greasy pans with paper towels before washing them.
  • For turkey fryers, take your 5 gallons of oil in its original container to your local County of Orange household hazardous waste collection center for proper disposal. Go to for more details.

South Coast Water District was established in 1932. The District currently serves most of Dana Point, South Laguna Beach, and parts of San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano. District facilities include 15 reservoirs, 147 miles of water lines, 136 miles of sewer lines, seven water pumping stations, 14 sewer pumping stations and approximately 12,360 water meters. An elected five-member Board of Directors governs the District. The Board appoints the General Manager, who is responsible for effecting Board policy and directing employees in the operation of the water and sewer systems.

And some cheese to your turkey with this “cheezy” cutout video with special help from two little ones(Gemma age 8 and Ryder age 7).

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