Don’t you hate it when you are fighting against the police state on the front lines of Facebook and people use the tired talking point (or a variation) of…

“If he didn’t do anything wrong, he wouldn’t have been arrested.”

::face palm:: ::head desk:: ::jumps into bathtub full of running chainsaws::

I was on the KATC Facebook comment section (I know, my fault), talking about Victor White III and the inconsistencies of the police narrative surrounding his alleged suicide, when people in defense of the deputies involved deployed this often used, horribly constructed response.

Looking at the statement I have to ask these people:

What world do you live in? Because it most certainly isn’t this one at this particular point in time.

People are arrested daily in this country for crimes they didn't commit. (Here’s a list of 10 somewhat famous cases. Or how about this recent example from North Carolina? nd people are also arrested daily for crimes they didn't even know existed. This, of course, being a predictable effect of an ever-growing nanny state that annually increases the list of federal laws by tens of thousands. Certainly not all of those laws are applicable to the average citizen, but it’s fair enough to say many are. A good amount are used to penalize ordinary citizens for nonviolent, victimless transgressions. Examples? Gambling, prostitution (i.e., sexual services rendered for pay between consenting adults), smoking pot, …the list goes on.

Louisiana alone increased its list of laws by 500+ this year. Can you name a single one without looking? Oh, you got lucky? How about five?

…Yeah, me neither.

The presumption that cops, or authorities, or the government only arrests people who “do something wrong” is silly in the fact that at any given point in time you could be breaking any number of laws and/or crossing any number of arbitrary lines in the sand.

The fastest way to get from A to B is this unregistered, unlit, sidewalk-riding bicycle if B represents ticket city.

I bike a lot. Maybe you do as well. Did you know in some cities biking on the sidewalk is illegal (or an entire state if you happen to be in Georgia and over the age of 12)? Did you know that in some cities it’s a finable offense to have an unregistered bicycle? (How does one even register a bike? DMV?) In others it’s illegal to not have front/rear lights while riding at night.

Going out for a bike ride on a sidewalk past 8pm without any lights? You may have just broke 3 laws. Criminal scum!

Tire burst in the middle of the street while you were crossing it? Got off of your two-wheeled Cadillac of exercise to push it the rest of the way? Light turned red while you were in the intersection? Congrats, now you’re jaywalking too. When does your crime spree end, Capone!?

Or how about this, which probably hits a little closer to home:

Have you ever used someone else’s Netflix account? Their HULU or Amazon Prime? How about their HBOGO to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones? Have you ever copied a CD (if you were alive back in the technological dark ages of the 90s)? You might as well be Hitler!

Speak for yourself. Torrented Delorean here I come!

And now that you have “done something wrong” and are a criminal (according to Facebook commenter criminal court), is it okay for you to be arrested, thrown into a car, and later killed (this likely being the case with White) without due process?

I doubt it.

In fact, if any of you allegedly committed suicide in the back of a police cruiser (according to authorities), your families would fight tooth and nail to get the dash cam footage, lapel mic audio, and any other unbiased piece of corroborating data, to be released so they could know what exactly happened.

But why bother, right? After all, you watched Sons of Anarchy on Tommy’s Netflix once. So you probably had it coming.

For a great read regarding how many felonies you are committing on average each day, check out ‘3 Felonies a Day’ by Harvey Silverglate:

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