Amazing South Indian Dishes

The very first time you go through any south Indian restaurant menu, you get lost in it. Sure, everybody knows dosas and idli sambar; however that is only what everybody is familiar with. The other items on the menu are completely unfamiliar, if you are not a south Indian.

And so, why not do one thing: frequent the restaurant often and try them all.

Following are some of the south Indian dishes that you’ll find in all south Indian restaurants:


It’s steamed, light, soft, its rice, semolina as well as dal, packed together in a fluffy cake. It is so light that it literally melts in your mouth. At times, it is served with a small amount of ghee, which is supposed to be dropped on top. If this flavor does not satisfy you, try your idlis soaked in sambar, a hot soup of tomatoes, dal, onions, and lot many vegetables. Simply Wow!!!

Rava Idli

Here’s one great way to beat any hint of plainness from the idli: Rava Idli -having more dal and spices to the mix, but steamed and soft the same way; however twice as mouthwatering.


This small salty donut consists of approximately the similar ingredients as in other items. Do try these deep-fried but fluffy donuts. Utterly crunchy and appetizing. Also, it is thought-out to be the most favored dish, ordered from a south Indian breakfast menu.

Dahi Vada

The name says it all. After deep-frying, the vada is mixed in a bowl of thick sweet yogurt, and then sprinkled with some chili powder, a pinch of cumin powder, a little coriander….. and the dish is all set to be consumed.

Plain Dosa

The dosa can be found all over India, its rice as well as dal mix prepared into a crepe. Heavy or thin, oily or dry, flat or doubled or rolled into a cone-shape, they’re all the same and all are utterly delicious.

Rava Dosa

It is prepared with a batter of semolina, rice flour as well as water along with cumin seeds, salt, asafoetida, chopped onions, chopped carrot, curry leaves, cashew nuts, black pepper, chopped cilantro as well as green chillies. The blended ingredients are after that, poured thinly (for crispness) onto a heated, lightly smeared with oil tava using a serving spoon in a round motion. Then, oil or ghee is spread around the dosa and it is heated for approximately 2 minutes, after which it is all set to be served with a range of chutnies or authentic sambar.

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