South Indian Food-Delicious To That Extent That You May Get Addicted To It

Perhaps no other nation in the world can claim of such varied culture as well as food habits like India! With such a huge geographical extension, every part of the nation has its particular culture as well as food habits and it will usually take months to discover them all. When talking about South Indian specialties, items like dosa, idli, uthappam, sambhar, rasam, all come into our minds, spontaneously.

The delicious flavor of South Indian food is such that you might get addicted to it.

Apart from rice, all south Indian recipes show prominence of coconut, curd, tamarind, mustard seeds as well as curry leaves.

Following are a few dishes from south Indian cuisine to try if you have the chance to visit a restaurant. You won’t regret it, for sure!

Dosa- A popular as well as delicious breakfast item, dosas are just like crepes, however dosas are thinner and crisper. Prepared with fermented rice as well as lentils, these are usually large in size and can occupy an entire plate!

Small portions of it are broken and paired with coconut chutney before consuming. There are diverse sorts of dosas available and most dosas are filled with potato filling in it.

Some people even like the dosas without filling!

Thali- What is unique about it is that it is offered with various dishes on one plate. It is the best way to try different South Indian authentic dishes.

A thali usually consists of rice, vegetable dishes, curry dishes, as well as curd.

Vada- A tiny doughnut like snack that is prepared with lentil. Sambar is a broth that is prepared with tamarind and various spices as well as vegetables. The normal way of eating is laying the vada in the sambar, allowing it immerse into the broth. Some people like to eat it with chutney.

Idli- Idli is a small, white, soft cake prepared out of lentils as well as rice. It is generally served with sambar & chutney. It is one more famous breakfast item of India. A lot of people relish it as a snack, too.

Uttapam- It is a flat pancake prepared with rice and lentils batter and mixed with vegetables. It is just like dosa; however it is usually heavier as well as smaller than it. It is also served with sambar or chutney.

Upma- It is a rice porridge that is mixed with chili as well as onions and is generally served hot. It is one more famous breakfast item of South India.

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