Maker Monday Series —

Zipporah (Zee) Browne

Zipporah owns Soul Bite Studio in Pine Hill, NJ. She’s been in business for three years, but has been inspiring the masses long before her business came about.

She has always had aspirations of owning her own business. The seed that blossomed into Soul Bite Studio was planted in 2010 when she began sending inspirational text messages to friends and family. Those texts grew into inspirational posters with a beautiful visual delivery and stunning handcrafted journals, with the birth of the business.

Soul Bite Studio is set up as boutique operation, but it has something special; it has heart. Their aim is simple: to inspire, motivate, & encourage through the resurrection of the art of pen & paper. Writing something down helps you connect to the words that are coming out. It gives you the ability to slow down and really feel what you’re expressing. That’s cathartic & beautiful.

As Soul Bite grows, Zipporah hopes to continue to help others improve their overall mental health through writing, conducting journal workshops, and ultimately, transforming lives. Still through the beautiful lost art of the pen and paper.

You can buy Soul Bite’s handcrafted journals are priced at $10.00 and their customized journals sell for $20.00.

Be sure to say hi to Zipporah at Gloucester Township Day, June 3rd from 8am — 9pm.

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