How? Finding My “Fire” My Passion.

After finishing college(high school) at 17 years old, I was faced with the decision with what to do with my life, this question turned out to be more difficult than expected. As like most high school kids I really had no idea as to who I was and what I really wanted.

Faced with the pressure to go from high school straight to university I started thinking like most people “well whats is a safe and well-paying job?” so I started looking at being paramedic, accountant, and engineer… long story short I ended up taking a gap year and worked. By the end of the year I had found what I enjoyed to do and could make a job out of it, following that I found this so called “fire” desire that my uncle had told me about, My uncle asked me one question “was there a burning fire inside of me to pursue accounting?” and me completely lacking self-awareness somehow managed to make myself think that I liked accounting reply back with “I think so..”. Naturally at the time because I’ve never experienced that ‘fire’ i didn’t fully understand what he was referring to, I can now expand on this question he asked me, if I ask you “what is your fire, your passion what you could do for 18 hours a day for all days of the year?” if you hesitate at all you haven’t found it yet.

How I found my ‘passion’ what I loved to do was because I took 10 minutes out of my day to look at a YouTube video about computer programming which sparked my interest from then on my interest in programming and tech grew and grew. If I had never taken that 10 minutes to look at that video I most likely would be in a depressed unexciting place, studying accounting with my only outlet by partying(aka wasting time). Continue to learn and experience new things you will never know what you might end up loving.

Quote from Steve Jobs

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