Importance of Food Packaging

Food packaging is basically packaging done for food which requires tampering resistance, safeguarding, and distinct chemical or physical needs. Packaging should protect products from peripheral factors such as microbes, interference and dust. Packaging makes it safer and less prone to infection.

The principal role of food packaging is to protect food products from foreign influences and spoilage, to contain the diet, and to provide consumers with edible, fresh and healthy eatables. It can lengthen its durability, slow down product deterioration, maintain the quality and safety of nutrients and maintain the useful effects of processing. In doing so, it provides protection from three major classes of external inducements: physical, biological and chemical.

Indeed, food packaging has many functions that serve us which are as follows:-

Attractive: Packed food in stores looks appetizing if the package design is pleasant to the eye. A good package design not only serves to maintain food shape and quality, but also arouses customers’ desire to buy them. Food manufacturers pack their products in an exclusive manner, so as to promote them in a broader region so that more people will buy the products. They do their best to improve package design, adding additional value to manufactured food. To market their food in foreign countries, manufacturers also need to pack food with caution, preventing physical damage to or chemical change of food in the process of long-distance transport.

Medium For Information: Important information such as nutritional values, size, quantity of contents, ingredients, and others are often printed in the packaging. Labels on packages contain information about the food inside, telling people what it is made from, how to cook or eat it, when and where it is produced, as well as some precautions. In the event of a food poisoning accident, label information helps consumers find the food supplier as soon as possible.

On the other hand, such information is very important to the merchandising aspect of marketing the product, because the information may be used to convince the potential customer. Sometimes the package itself is a merchandising tool, like when the shape is unique as well as distinctive.

Convenience: Food is packed all the way to be enjoyed by consumers. Thanks to food packaging, seasonality of food is no longer a problem for people who would like to taste summer fruits in winter. Also, people may enjoy fresh green vegetables even though they are not locally grown. Packages for liquid food are designed with straws or other assistant tools to facilitate people drinking. Power-typed and grain-like food is contained in bags, cans and boxes for transport requirements.

With the continuous development of modern society, food packaging is gifted with many additional purposes. It is not only a preservation method but also serves to create profits for food producers as well as attract more consumers. For more information, visit

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