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Unlike olden times, everything is now accessible at all places. The development in transportation industry and better infrastructure has made this possible. However, some products, such as food and medical products have to be packaged properly before delivering it from one place to another. There is good news, as many types of food packaging and other products packaging companies have come into the picture. There are many types of packaging available nowadays depending on the type of products. Some of these are more common than the other, and each has its own advantages. Firstly, if you are looking for packaging small products (such as tablets or batteries) you should go for blister packing. Blister packs are those, in which a product is encased in a plastic compartment, and the plastic is then heat sealed to a foil. Once used, the blister pack cannot be used again and should be thrown away. For commodities such as fruits, plastic clamshell packaging’s are in frequent use nowadays. The Clamshell packing is usually completely transparent and the packaging method used is of many types, including staples or button snap. The button snap option gives you the opportunity to recycle and reuse it.

If the packaging is for food products, such as sending meals which need to be delivered right away or taking food on a trip if you are going by train, thermoformed and vacuum formed trays are available. As the name suggests, the word is made of two words “thermal” and “form”: these trays are formed with depressions on them with the help of heat or by applying pressure by creating a vacuum. Many thermoforming companies can be searched for online which can give you a wide range of such trays depending on the requirements of the user. Another use of thermoforming is that it can be used on other materials too. The materials used in making thermoformed trays have a range in plastics from the less durable PET (that is used in plastic bottles) to the more durable PVC used in pipes for transferring water. For this reason, thermoformed trays can also be used in industrial packaging applications. As the depression in the trays can be designed exactly according to the requirement of the user, it is possible to use them as handling applications. The handling of industrial material requires properly maintaining the clearances and tolerances of the tool which is possible in this process.

Shrink wraps are also available as one of the options for custom packaging. Shrink wrap is a material also known as shrink film. In shrink film packaging the material used for packaging is usually a polymer plastic. When heat is supplied to the polymer plastic it tightly grips the material to be enclosed in it. The shrinking action of the shrink film can be unidirectional or multidirectional depending on the requirement of the packaged product. The most common shape used for packaging by this method is tubular ones. To find out more about product packaging log on to

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Christina O’Leary is a professional beautician and has been practicing since a period of over 8 years. She is skilled at preservation of cosmetics for optimal use, and advocates that proper packaging and storage holds the key. She recommends for all packaging solutions.

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