The Rise of The Clamshell Packaging

Just when people thought that there are no more innovations to be had in packaging, here comes the clamshell package. Being flashier, more protective and yet so practical in use — that in essence, is the clamshell packaging method. Being more rigid than a bubble wrap, the packaging is capable of taking most knocks and scratches in its stride. Most shells use plastic thickness much higher than the old blister packs and bubble packs, giving a protective layer that is for all practical purposes impermeable. A more rigid form of construction allows for a protective coat to be applied that is physically very strong.

In terms of present-ability, the clamshell covering does score higher than most traditional methods. As most goods can be viewed through the transparent plastic, the merchandise has a 360 degree viewing angle. This can be taken advantage of for packing in things that score highly on appearance, like fresh fruits and vegetables. The customer is also given a greater assurance when presented so. The accent that present day marketing places on the appearance of a product gives this type of clamshells package the much needed acceptability.

The Basics Of The Pack:

At the very bottom of packet is the thermosetting plastic clamshell body that is usually transparent. This covers the product right all around to create a protective cocoon type shell that is rigid to touch. Most plastics used for this type of use are of a high melting point material. This would enable the use of the covering while use in a microwave for short heating durations and during defrosting from the freezer. The very tough construction of plastic clamshell packaging allows for better strength and shielding abilities. Of particular mention is the ability to change color of the material. This could work to the advantage while color coding material for easier identification.

Being completely air tight, it is possible to use the clamshell packs in food packaging and the transport of life saving medicines as well. The complete isolation of the product does ensure a sterile and clean medium at all times when used for custom food packaging. With the greater accent on functionality of plastic packaging, it is no wonder that these types of uses are multiplying with each passing day. As more people get exposed to the superior characteristics of clam packets, there are bound to be more innovative ways of using it.

The future is here:

It can be said with authority that the future of packaging is here in the clamshell packets. The sheer durability and hard wearing nature of this new type of material is here to stay in the near term as are its industrial packaging uses. It is possible to have products vacuum packed with this hardened plastic outer covering, which is not possible with poly bags. As more stringent standards are applied to packaging of material and food products, the sheer utility and affordability of the product would be fully realized.

About The Author

Christina O’Leary is a professional beautician and has been practicing since a period of over 8 years. She is skilled at preservation of cosmetics for optimal use, and advocates that proper packaging and storage holds the key. She recommends for all packaging solutions.

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