Types of Food Packaging

Food packaging has always been in trend although the way of carrying out the packaging was way too different in earlier times. Later, it made use of different varieties of containers using materials like woven, organs from animals, wood or hollowed log. After the discovery of metals and ores, pottery came into fashion and metals got developed which gave birth to different other kinds of packaging forms.

Other varieties of packaging like cosmetic packaging came into existence and different methodologies were used to keep the material inside the container fresh and long lasting. Food packaging needs resistance, proper protection and different chemical, physical and biological requirements. The products that are packed inside the container depict the nutritional value of the food. The materials used are paper, plastic, glass, metals, cardboards that are used for packaging different types of food products.

The best kind of packaging services depend on utmost utilization of products as every material comes with its own baggage of merit and demerit. Some need high insulation temperature for providing protection against any harm to the food, while others allow low visibility or minimum protection. The design of the package should be as such to take care of all such aspects while selecting the materials used for packaging. There are few tips to take care while selecting food packaging:

• Baskets and trays manufactured from Styrofoam, plastic or cardboard should be used while packing fresh foods like meats so as to provide the food with a firm base. It can be covered with any plastic so that it can be seen easily, thus allowing customers to check food before they buy. Other types of food can also be packed by plastic packaging as they are easier to handle. Poly bags are also useful for frozen foods like peas.

• Aseptic type of food packaging can be done for food materials like sterilized milk, canned food or soups that need quick consumption. The packaging usually comes in jar containers. Food inside the container hardly remains visible in this kind of packaging as it is needed to protect from sunlight. Juices, milk and other fresh fluids are also sold this way.

• For products having longer life and are generally dry, cardboard and plastic cartons are very common to use. They are required to have clear packaging materials so that customers can see the food. Mostly scallops or dried food like shrimps are packed this way.

• Another popular type of packaging is industrial packaging that makes use of metals like aluminium, which is one of the most ordinary and cheapest metals to use for packaging. This is ideal for storing canned food, meat, fish etc.

• Product packaging is also carried out in wooden packaging equipment. They are mostly used while shipment as they are heavy and add a protective sheath to the whole package. Any kind of solid of liquid food material can be easily stored using the wooden packaging method. They also keep the food together and protect them from getting spoiled.

There are different types of food packaging companies which makes use of other kinds of packaging like that of earthenware and leaves that wraps the food. They are used differently by different companies and countries as per their own style of packaging and marketing.

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Christina O’Leary is a professional beautician and has been practicing since a period of over 8 years. She is skilled at preservation of cosmetics for optimal use, and advocates that proper packaging and storage holds the key. She recommends www.southpack.com for all packaging solutions.

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