Why Clamshell Packaging Is The Future Of Packaging

The Advantage:

If ever a person has tried to open up clamshells, then it would be evident that it is near to impossible without seriously damaging the implement used or causing damage to the clamshell. Thus a packaging system that tends to mimic the actions of a clamshell must not be taken lightly in its utility. There are numerous positive aspects to clamshell packaging that it is seen as the preferred packaging method of the future. Laid out below are some of the obvious and the not so obvious advantages of having to use clamshell packaging.

• Strength: It is always preferred to have a strong outer layer for any packing material. This helps shield the interior and thus keep the material transported in good condition. The sheer strength that plastic clamshell packs possess often makes them a preferred choice at all times.

• Stack ability: Most occasions demand that goods are placed one over the other to use the available space effectively. The outer strength that plastic clamshell packaging has makes this possible. This brings added convenience to the transportation of goods and can help save on transportation costs.

• Modular: It is often seen that with clamshell packs, they do indeed take the concept of modularity to new levels. The ability to compartmentalize the packaging makes this type of food packaging truly modular. This helps in storing material and with making arrangements with transportation as the space requirements are usually taken in multiples of single units.

• Identification: The different types of labeling are applied to the outer of the clamshell packs, providing a convenient space for use. This is a very important aspect to plastic food packaging as difficulties to identifying and tracing of goods are often the bugbear of most transportation needs.

• All round display: Once the goods are packaged in the clamshell, it is possible to have an all-around view. With this convenience it is possible to examine the merchandise at the same time ensures its state of being. Thus, any damage can be easily assessed without having to open up the plastic food packaging.

• High temperatures: The use of thermoplastics does make the clamshell packs highly enduring to heat. Most food material can be defrosted in the microwave while still in the pack. This brings added convenience to the user as well.

• Isolation: Since each unit of transported matter is kept isolated, any damage to a single piece is kept within confines and does not spread to adjacent goods. This helps limit damage as well as minimize costs due to damaged material.

So, it is evident that with the sort of advantages that clamshell industrial packaging brings, it would be no surprise that it is the preferred packaging method of the future. As most trading communities would have to say about this not so old method, it is indeed a transporters dream pack as well as the most convenient one to use for the dispatcher. Truly this is good news for most thermoforming companies.

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Christina O’Leary is a professional beautician and has been practicing since a period of over 8 years. She is skilled at preservation of cosmetics for optimal use, and advocates that proper packaging and storage holds the key. She recommends www.southpack.com for all packaging solutions.