Eulogy for America, 1776–2016
Kimberly Harrington

Satire, at who’s expense? Like it or not your team lost, America has spoken.

Your last statement just adds on to the fear mongering and lies of the Democratic Party: “ In conclusion, thank you again for coming. Peace be with you all and, please, if you’re wearing a head scarf, are gay, black, Muslim, a woman, a girl, disabled, Hispanic, a refugee, an immigrant (ha! Aren’t we all!), trans, some kind of smarty pants, and/or a minority in any sense of the word, I suggest you put on one of these red ball caps here and exit through the backdoor to the parking lot. Do not, I repeat, do not make eye contact with anyone. USA! USA!” This statement, along with your whole “satirical” article, belongs just where it’s at, The BULLSHITIST, for that is what it is, totally!