How to Organize Self-Storage Unit in Raleigh, North Carolina for Easy Later Access?

When you have decided to move your items in the storage unit with the selection of the proper storage unit size, it may seem that it is very difficult and tiring task. But it does not have to be always the difficult one; you are prepared a little in advance. Even if you are storing the items for short or long period of time, a well-organized storage can simplify your life.

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Choose the Best Unit Size

Choose a storage unit with space enough to store all of your items as well as for a walk away. You can visit us and ask the property manager to show you around the different options available for storing your items.

Make and Follow Your Plan

Once you have selected the storage unit, it is the time to make full proof plan for storing

Set the Environment Clean

Your storage unit is an extension of your home. However, before you keep the items in the unit, it is best to make neat and clean environment.

Pack In and Label Each Package

After selecting the storage unit and creating the plan or layout, next you need pack all of your items in boxes for storage. And don’t forget to label the boxes to make it simple to find all of the like items in the same boxes.

Take Care of Bulky and Fragile Items

To store these items safely and protect from the damage, keep these close to the ground and keep light weight boxes above.

Put Valuable Items at the Back

Store the valuable items at the back of the storage unit in between the other boxes. This will keep the items safe in case of any burglary.

Put Often Used Items in Front

There will be some items which you may need more often than others. Try to keep those items in front so that you can easily access those.

Leave Spaces between Items for Easy Access

When you create layout arranging for items in the storage unit, also add spaces between the boxes for walkaway or retrieving the items.

Don’t Store Restricted Items

When you visit our storage facilities, check the list of items which are restricted and prohibited to store in the storage units. Make sure that you follow the rules and agreements when you select any storage unit as the rules are for your safety only.

Maintain the Storage

Once you have kept all the items and made use of the space provided, try to draw a diagram of the items which you have stored with location and you can hang that diagram inside the storage unit. This will save a lot of time when you will visit to place or access some of your items.

When spend a little time in planning and organizing, it will later reward you in person. When you organize everything well in a self-storage unit, it saves your time, efforts as well as money. So create a plan and stay organized. If you need any help, you can contact us or visit our storage units in Raleigh NC. And we will always be happy to assist you!

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