This is the transcript of a great video put together by the team at the Financial Times.

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Deal or no deal, will MPs approve an agreement? And what about a second referendum? These are the burning questions looming over the UK.

And to make things more complicated, they all point to an even bigger question — can Brexit be stopped? Brexit Day, March 29, 2019, is fast approaching. And the UK and EU have yet to agree a deal.

In October, Theresa May and EU leaders are meeting again in Brussels to try to forge an agreement. But several obstacles…

In this blog series, people of Southwark outline why they’re in favour of a second referendum. From those who have always wanted a final say on any deal, to members just joining the cause, we showcase the range and breadth of opinion of South East London. This week, Southwark for Europe volunteer James outlines the reasons he’s campaign for a second referendum.

“This time last year I was not a supporter of a second referendum. The people had spoken, I thought. Britain had made its bed, and now it had to sleep in it, I believed. …

Southwark For Europe

Southwark for Europe is campaigning for a second referendum on the final Brexit deal. We believe in avoiding a hard Brexit and protecting jobs.

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