How to play the Dice in SouthXchange

Full dice game
Some multipliers depending on the target

How to play

Before rolling
After rolling
  1. Choose the coin. There are about a dozen coins that can be used for playing.
  2. Enter the amount to bet or move the slider. You can bet 0 just to try the game, and nothing will happen if you win or lose. You can also grab some free coins from our faucet if they are available (green button labelled 2a). There is a maximum that you can bet and it depends on your target (see step 4). Essentially you cannot win more than what it says in “Max win per roll”.
  3. Roll. Here you ask the system to roll the 100-sided dice. A random number between 0 and 99 will come up but it will be hidden. You will see the hash of this number in the lower section on the left (see below for a technical explanation). Once you roll you have 30 seconds to bet.
  4. Select your target. Move the slider to select the target. Alternatively you can click the buttons with pre-selected targets in section 4a. Your prize will depend on how much you bet and this target.
  5. Bet. If you used the slider to select the target you must click the Bet button to bet. If you used the pre-selected targets in section 4a you will be betting as soon as you press these buttons.
A winning result

What about the quick dice?

Collapsed quick dice
Quick dice after rolling

Is this game provably fair?

You bet against the generated number plus your own modifier

How to verify the rolled number with the hash

Hash verification





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