Here & Now

You can be impatient with parents, very impatient. As they grow old, they will bug you with questions. Questions that may make you feel, “Why is she/he asking this? Does it even make any sense?” The truth is most of the times they don't make sense. But we all grow old, I am not sure if we will ask very intelligent questions to our kids (I may be wrong in this assumption). The sooner we learn to develop tolerance for these questions, the better in control we can be. Here’s the thing. If you can tackle a kid’s questions and questions that your parents ask with blatant innocence, there’s no interview or meeting on this planet which you can’t face.

Try it once. Try having a conversation on Google Maps with your Dad or Mom. For once try explaining them how the tagging feature works on Facebook. If you can do this without getting angry even once by maintaining a calm voice throughout the session, you Sir, are a zen master. Most of the times, I lose my cool when I am trying to explain technical stuff to my parents. But I realize it’s much better the other way. By staying calm. I am learning One Day At A Time.

Here’s what they know by now since they came to visit us:

Transfer images from one system to another

Download images from FB

Work on basic Excel

Use the print command

Google Maps usage (Work in progress)

My parents are here to visit me after a long time (together). I insisted they postpone their tickets by a week more and they did. I am happy. Tomorrow I am taking them to the zoo and probably to Wonderla after that. I intend to keep it this way. By staying cool, by being in the moment.

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