App Screen 2 (UI + Backend integration)

This blog explains the second screen of the app in which the user is prompted to add details of the expense occurred. Upon clicking the button “Add expenditure” this page gets opened. After the user has provided the ‘expense’ name and the ‘amount’ of expenditure involved he/she can enlist it to the dashboard by pressing the ‘submit’ button. The UI has been made simple so the user can operate with ease. The state of this screen looks is as follows:-

Index of contents in this web-app development series
  1. Idea of the app — Hisab-Kitab: Save to Earn
  2. Prototype of the app
  3. Setting up the development environment
  4. Learning Git
  5. Setting up local development setup
  6. Data model of the app
  7. Hasura Data API + Postman collection
  8. Hasura Auth API + Postman collection
  9. App Screen 1 (UI + Backend integration)
  10. Updates
  11. App Screen 2 (UI + Backend integration)
  12. App Screen 3 (UI + Backend integration)
  13. User feedback and Testing
  14. Final app link
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