Push myself to go cycling- 1st time

I think life is more interesting when we challenge ourselves more often. It was my first attempt to do cycling. it was in total 60Km, and I did it. If you ask me how I feel like, I’d answer “I’m proud of myself”. Well, almost all of my cycling-mates could do up to 40/50km/hr — they are “pro”. I was also a pro, but counting from the last rank( HA). I only did at most at 20km/hr, and most of the time went down to sth btw 12- 15km/hr. I’v alws been in a leading position and one of the speediest and smartest player of the team. Instead, in this cycling tour I was the least skillful, the slowest and knew nth about geographical location of the destination.

This experience gave me a different perspective and understand about team work more deeply. I felt warm, impressed, enjoyed, relax and peaceful. Regardless of how much acquaintance i was to them, they were so kind, helpful and friendly. They all had to go slower than their normal speed and alws had to stop and waited for me (you can imagine 40km/hr vs 15km/hr). No one complained anything about my sloth-like speed ( HA-Thank you-Love).

When talking about teamwork, there’s an old saying “when working in group, success is the team; fail is also the team.” From a cycling to running an expensive project for a big corporation, to success in the long run, I believe we must invest in people, reading people’s potential, building trustworthy relationship and supportive environment. Each person has got their own strength; you do not try to force a fish to walk. You have to understand their strength and help them revealing their potential because you are a leader and, at the same time, their good friend.If your team members are not as good as you, you do not force/push them to reach your speed; you have to slow yourself down a little bit, take time; stay calm; analyze the situation and look for the real issue. By saying Real Issue, I mean, examine why can't the person complete his/her task. What are the reasons? Is the task and ability/expertise don't match? Let’s have a private conversation with him/her. You should give your supports, helps, and warmth as an ethical effective leader.

Sometimes, you also have to give up your own interest for a while to stick around and protect your team members when they are at their vulnerable time.

There is nth energize me more than hanging out with good people, sharing great coversation, laying down surrounded by nature and being inspired by their passions!