Move over, school. FutureHACK is here to Hack YOUR Future.

Welcome to FutureHACK.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The First Couple of Days

Our attempt at a robot Rube Goldberg machine
My team working on TrapDog
Dr. E talking about the differences in traditional education compared to the new, interactive way of teaching he uses

Entrepreneurship Grind— 0 to 100

MIT Sloan’s main buildling E-62
Practicing our presentation skills with Japanese students from Taktopia!
Semyon Dukach giving us a lecture

Caring about the caRing?

Demo Day

caRing team

Outside the Classroom

Meme credits to Brandon and Chan
The caRing logo…except w/ Gabe (Meme credits to Alexa)

The Shopping Trip


Lessons Learned + Future Goals

  • Be the 3%, not the 97%
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of the team
  • Do not be afraid to fail!
FutureHACK Class of 2017




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Sophia Wang

Sophia Wang

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