Money, money, money. Must be funny!

I have ventured into the first wedding planning session and come out the other side completely unscathed. Even better, the subject of this one was the one I thought would cause the most drama: The Budget.

In actual fact, it was relatively painless and quite interesting to sit and work out where all my money was going each month. I used to be very irresponsible with money and lived in my student overdraft for about ten years, but in the past two or three I’ve tightened my finances up a lot, got out of said overdraft and started paying into two other now relatively healthy savings accounts. That said, this session made me aware of how much disposable income I had, and how much of that was slipping through the cracks on shit like a few rounds at the pub.

We’ve come out the other side of that session with an Ideal Budget aka The Absolute Maximum We Can Save If We Spend Very Little On Fun Stuff For The Next Year And A Half. We’re getting some help from our families, which is awesome, but the idea is to bring the wedding in wayyyyyyyyy under that, as we’ve not only got a honeymoon to think about afterwards (and we’re keen on Japan), but we’re also saving for a deposit on a house, and it’d be very handy if we could come out the other side of the wedding not needing to save for another decade to get that.

Next up: venue hunting!