The Cryptocurrency Industry’s Need For Founder Transparency

…And How One Unlikely Female Developer & Founder Is Setting The Standard

You don’t have to look further than a couple of headlines in front of you to see the latest scandal in crypto. Whether it is the SafeMoon Whale rug pool (and the coincidental purchase of an executive’s Lambo); or “ChefNomi”, the pseudonymous creator of SushiSwap, selling $13 million worth of tokens while the project was in its infancy (later returned); or the common Shitcoin hyped by a YouTuber who “didn’t know” the founders were criminals that would run off with everyone’s money — the industry is loaded with malfeasance. It’s scaring away newcomers and giving crypto a black eye, both of which will hinder growth.

The latest fad with crypto projects is that of a “Doxxed” team. “Fully Doxxed” is a common expression, yet, most people who say this don’t have any real credentials or even a full name that they utilize on their website. “Jessie from Nottingham” is more of what you see. Well, there are 246 “Jessie’s” in Nottingham.

Currently, only 2 projects we’ve seen that are good examples of “Doxxed” are NASA (Not Another Shit Altcoin) and SOWL, ran by Female Developer and CEO, Megan Hallett. Both companies do an exemplary job at putting their name, their location, and their experience on the line. That shows a true commitment to their project and the industry as a whole.

We, to break from the industry, don’t say “Doxxed”. We, at SOWL, refer to it as “Founder Transparency”. Additionally, we rarely use the term “project” either. We refer to ourselves, and other reputable tokens for what we actually are — companies.

Ms. Hallett, as she is known around the small town of Perryville, Maryland, United States, has been a long-time crypto investor and hodler. Starting in early 2017, she got in low on Bitcoin, Ripple, and Cardano. While these investments help her pay down student loans, pay for her SUV, and go on nice vacations, she knew that there was so much more of a benefit in holding the majority of her investment long-term, and that there was so much more that could become of her and the crypto industry…if only she could tie education into it.

As a teacher for 7 years, 4 of which she was tenured (a very prominent status for educators), Megan quickly learned that the education industry was lacking, primarily as it relates to technology. While prior to teacher she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the acclaimed University of Delaware (the same university U.S. Preside Joe Biden graduated from), she was finally able to combine her two loves when she obtained her Master’s Degree in Classroom Technology from LaSalle University. To give insight into her work ethic, she obtained her Master’s degree while being a full-time teacher and a part-time crypto trader.

It wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic hit and Megan was forced to quarantine and part-time teach remotely, that she started to put together her master plan. Two major pieces of the puzzle were realized: 1) eLearning is more valuable than ever, especially for young children whose minds crave knowledge and 2) The crypto-world is lacking a product that integrates a real-tech asset, like a mobile app (that isn’t a dApp), with a token. So in June of 2020, her plans were set: Build a high-tech children’s eLearning mobile and tablet app…then tokenize it!

Over the course of the last 14 months, that is exactly what she has done. After a grueling 9.5 (almost 10) months of development, she launched: EarlyBird — eLearning for Kids (Apple App Store), and EarlyBird — Virtual Learning Children’s Academy (Google Play). [Note: They are the same app, but we are beta-testing the names to see which one tests better with kids and parents.] EarlyBird, despite little marketing efforts (as all capital then immediately went into tokenization) won the coveted Mom’s Choice Award only 2.5 months after launch, all this while maintaining a 4.9-star rating, .4 higher than the nearest competition. Given EarlyBird’s main “bird” is an owl, and given that our AI and AR features incorporate a Robot Owl called SuperOwl, Megan wanted this super unique token to share the same name. After initially calling the token the SuperOwl Token, she and her team decided on calling it SOWL (pronounced SOUL;/sol/). The token’s main icon and character is the SuperOwl from the EarlyBird App, who’s nonbinary and named Saffron. Trust us, Saffron has just as much intelligence and attitude as Megan does! (JK- We love you, Megan!)

It was the biggest battle of Megan’s life getting both of these projects completed in the same year. She also founded a Holdings company during this time as well. Between the uncertainty of the pandemic, her loss of family members, the near fatal sickness of her best friend, limited capital, the death of employees as a result of COVID-19, the closure of her international office in India due to the pandemic there, and more — these projects took everything out of her. Yet, she remained resilient and never stopped forging ahead.

The SOWL Token, which we also call the Ultimate DeFi Token™ (for Education and in general!), is a 20-year plan. In order to make this a success, you don’t need “Doxxed”. What you need is genuine leadership from a Developer/CEO who never stops. One who can build in the face of dire uncertainty. One who puts her cryptocommunity and the education of children above her own financial gain. We have that with Megan Hallett: a truly transparent founder who is putting not only her name and reputation on the line — but she is putting her entire story out there as well. Trust us: this is just the beginning of her story.

To talk with Megan, reach out to her personally on Telegram, @sowltoken, or in the Telegram group:

We will ensure every community member feels comfortable and has all questions and concerns addressed as Megan Hallett is incredibly approachable. Welcome to SOWL! #HowMuchSOWLDoYouHave?

The Ultimate DeFi Token™ for Virtual Learning; BEP-20 Token; ICO October 20, 2021; A Crypto With the Purpose of Enriching Families' Lives Through Education