This is for all who are unemployed, unhappy, currently looking, and for those who are just curious about what else is out there. Take a moment, and really think about how many jobs you have applied for in a day or better yet in a week. This question is for YOU. What did you think of the process? You have all the search engines lined up, one next to the other. Have all the criterion filled out (city, title you’re looking for etc). You get so excited when you finally find the position you would like to fill, you click on the job description and qualifications section. As you scroll down, you notice and begin to feel less and less qualified, and more stress. You have a voice telling you “Crap, so close”.

Now what? And then you think about all those positions you have applied over last week. How many times did you look at your email or checked your phone for missed calls or VMs? Why hasn’t anyone reached out? You eventually ruin the rest of your day and with “THIS SUCKS” posted in your mind. What does the rest of your day look like? Staring at your phone, your email, facebook, linkedin, gossip magazines? You tell yourself, “I have had a stressful start to my day, netflix will make me feel better”.

You try to convince yourself that you’ll watch a 30 mins show and then get back at it. Then the 30 mins, turns into an 1hour and then 2hour and well you get the picture. It’s not good. Why do we do this to ourselves? Its not because you are lazy, STOP THAT, but un-motivated. You don’t feel the same way, as you did when you had a job. You had structure, you had ways to stimulate your mind etc. So, how do you get out of this funk? How the hell do you get yourself out of feeling like this?

A. Think about all things you are passionate about. Write it all down. It can be anything. B. Research organizations, companies you would eventually want to work for.C. Think about who inspire you and who you would like to work for. D. Reach out to individuals in your community (volunteer, seek out organizations, internships, or setting up phone / coffee meetings) to discuss your passion and why you want to get more involved. Take time for yourself, as this could be a long process.

I cannot stress how important committing to this is, so don’t flake out when you have meetings etc step up. Its’ tough road ahead, but keep at it. You will be frustrated, angry at times but you are only getting closer to your dream job.

Remember that Linkedin profile you set up for yourself? How many individuals or organizations have you reached out to? Remember things aren’t going to find you, YOU need to make the first move.

Are you ready to find your dream job?

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