1. Make it about them. Tell them how you can help them with the services that you provide.

If you can do a little extra than what's required or you spot something, say on their website that you could help them with or which could be better, tell them. They'll really appreciate your extra efforts and who knows, you might work with them for a longer period.

2. Know what they want and understand what they need you to do.
Some clients tell you everything in advance but that's always the case…

I once had a thought of why no one has ever written a book where the reader gradually falls in love with the writer but then I realized, we actually do. We fall in love with the characters of a story, the tone of narration, the plot, the mere words of a writer and in that way more than the book, poem, movie or an article, it’s the writer who wrote those words we adore.

Writers are immortal beings they say, they may be gone but their words live on forever.

Truer words have never been said! Think about it…

“Distraction is more harmful to the brains than drugs.”

No this ain’t a disclaimer this quote is how the second class of Digital Deepak Internship started. Let’s accept it, mobile phones are the biggest source of distractions today. You look into your phone screens just to check the time and there comes a notification from Instagram. You click on it, someone liked your post, you go back to home section see an interesting post and before you know it you’re scrolling down looking at other posts. Once you get bored yo quit the app and are about to put the…


Dear Dream of Digital Marketing,

You’ve been in my head with the other dreams for some time now. Not that I’m complaining. I often wonder will this be another dead end chase or would this chase take me somewhere. From having backlogs from pursuing the rat race of a degree that engineering is due to parental pressure and losing two jobs just for being an introvert, I somewhere lost the confidence I had in me of ever getting a job. A writer’s biggest threat is facing a writer’s block, which is exactly what I ended up with. …

Sowmya Gopi ( The Dreamy Lass )

Hey! I’m a Freelance Writer and Coach, Podcaster, Virtual Assitant, Social Media Manager, Author, and Book Reviewer.

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