We love how you give!

Bellafina Chocolates, the Baker family, and Kennedy McLendon are just a few of our supporters who have opened their hearts to the cause of global orphan care. And they are great examples of how you, your business, and your family can join us in the rescue of thousand of kids all over the world! We were inspired by their stories, and we know you will be too…

A sweet way to give…

Brenda Barnicki, founder of Bellafina Chocolates, discovered a sweet way that she could give back to her community by selling gourmet chocolate truffles in support of children’s charities. Her mission is three-fold:

-To focus on children who are threatened by disease, poverty, abuse or neglect.

-To create jobs and volunteer opportunities for women who have lost their jobs, been abused or widowed.

-Most importantly, to Glorify God and inspire people.

After dedicating all of her free time to Bellafina’s ministry for two years, hand-dipping truffles out of her kitchen at home and selling them at the local farmer’s market, life tried to throw Brenda a curve ball. A corporate restructuring left her without a job and pondering what to do with the second half of her career, but Brenda didn’t see this as misfortune. Instead, she saw it as an opportunity to chase after her dreams of helping people on a larger scale. A few months later, she was at the culinary institute in California learning how to make professional-level truffles and buying production equipment.

Needless to say, Bellafina Chocolates hit the ground running. In just a short amount of time, Brenda began donating to children’s charities all over the country. And now, Brenda has extended her reach beyond U.S. soil — by teaming up with SOW, she has helped rescue thousands of kids all over the world! And nothing tastes sweeter than that — except maybe Brenda’s truffles.

A family that gives together sticks together.

Meet the Bakers.

They’re a big family with big hearts, and they don’t do anything small scale — especially when it comes to giving. Whether it’s giving monthly to SOW’s general fund, or adopting an orphanage, the Baker’s have certainly shown that they all share one heart when it comes to orphan care. And every year on Christmas, they make sure to remember why…

As tradition goes, the Bakers all gather together to celebrate on Christmas Eve. Circling up around a warm fire with mugs of hot coffee and cider, they listen as Grandpa Richard reads them the Christmas Story. He reminds them of the reason for the giving season, and the reason why they give to Serving Orphans Worldwide.

He tells them stories of his time overseas as a missionary, and about the orphanages he has visited and orphaned children he has helped rescue. Putting names to the faces of the children they serve through giving to SOW, they remember the kids and pray for them as if they too are a part of the Baker clan.

Richard and Cheryl remember the kids they help support monthly at Casa Shalom in Guatemala, which was the orphanage they were directors of from 2002–2005.

Ryan, Mia, and Seneca remember the children they help support by adopting Connie’s Home in Thailand, praying for the operation of this unique home that practices sustainability and develops exit strategies for its kids.

Phyllis and Bruce remember their kids at both homes in Myanmar, and pray for their continued growth and development at New Life Orphanage and Hosanna Care Children’s Hostel.

As givers to SOW’s general fund and volunteers at SOW events, couples Steph and Ryan, Alicia and Floyd, and Ricky and Tiffany all remember the importance of responding to the Lord’s call to care for orphans as they pray for the continued rescue of vulnerable children around the world.

And together, they all thank God for the blessings they have been given, and for the ability they have to come together as a family — to love and be loved on Christmas Day.

No gift — or giver — too small

Kennedy is an 8-year-old girl from Georgia. In January of 2015, the Lord started to give her a desire to serve others.

After Richard Baker, COO at Serving Orphans Worldwide, came and spoke at her church, Kennedy knew that she wanted to help an orphanage. However, it was several months before she was able to do anything.

“It was hard for me to grasp how my daughter, someone so small, could have such a large heart,” says her father, Kenneth McLendon.

The Lord continued to lay this desire on Kennedy’s heart throughout those few months. After spending time praying about it, Kennedy and her parents looked at orphanages on SOW’s web page and decided she wanted to raise money for Bless the Children Home in Guyana. She, along with her family, began to sell Coke products as a fundraiser. While the original goal was set at $1000, generous donations soon pushed it up to $2000.

We think all our donors are so incredibly-awesome-sauce! We want to get to know you. Tell us how you give to Serving Orphans Worldwide here.