CD Studio day 4.5

Can Windows Save The Planet?

Combining and reorganizing some of the components since the last post, I am considering creating a video as my final product. A Ted-ed style video is intended to share educational information in a clear and delightful way. With heavy focus on storytelling and animation, Ted-Ed videos are “carefully curated education videos about lessons worth sharing.” Currently, almost 2 million people are subscribed to their channel on youtube covering demographics of every age and location. I also would like to include a secondary interactive material that viewers can print to see if their house is energy efficient, as well as credit important sources that people can see to go out and get an audit.

I think this kind of video would be a more subtle way to share information and knowledge and hopefully expose more people to the possibility of change. I chose the title to be something that could be discussed and considered from both sides rather than present facts and information. As I looked through the most popular Ted-Ed videos, I realized that they all presented their topics as questions. This way, even people who may not have been interested in the topic before thought about the question and wanted to know the answer. I thought creating dialogue about windows would be something that seemed so ridiculous that people would look into the video.

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