Dismantling white supremacy within 12-step recovery groups

On the evening of June 12, an employee called 911 to report a man who was blocking the drive-thru line at a Wendy’s restaurant in southwest Atlanta. It appeared he was passed out in his car, most likely drunk. “Is he Black?” the dispatcher asked. “Yeah,” the employee answered. At…

Maintaining sobriety can be extra challenging during a pandemic. Group meetings remind me I’m not alone.

Anyone who has traversed New York after hours is familiar with the ominous state we now find ourselves trapped inside. Wide, empty streets and the eerie silence that now extends well past dawn — the foreboding of still being awake during that fleeting antisocial hour used to be a secret…

Despite a rising interest in Latinx culture, white media gatekeepers continue to sensationalize our stories

By the summer of 2017, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” remix featuring Justin Bieber had become the top song in the country. While it was already a hit pre-Bieber, Justin’s auto-tuned Spanglish brought the song into the consciousness of many Americans, qualifying a predominantly Spanish-language song as “mainstream,” i.e…

Jessica Hoppe

New York based-writer and creator of @nuevayorka. Work featured in The New York Times, Paper, Vogue, and elsewhere.

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