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Since my brother passed away, I have difficulties to find the replacement for a partner or co-founder for my business ideas that I have in mind.

There were times when I involved in both light and intense discussion with some friends. But, somehow it didn’t work out. I guess the saying that “finding co-founder is as difficult as finding our other half” is totally true.

Based on my personal experiences, below are my conclusion on what to consider when choosing co-founders.

I. Good friends in real life don’t always fit as a co-founder

I had very intense discussion couple times…

Yesterday marked 1 month since my youngest brother passed away. The death of my brother had impacts for me, family, and the agency that we both initiated last year.

My brother and I were perfect partner. I was more aggressive in running the business and taking risks, while he was more cautious. Often he became like brakes for me, when I was about to take the plunge into some high risk decisions. Brainstorming with him was the most exciting moment.

My brother who led the creative division had tremendous skills. Fresh ideas, creative concepts, and truly beautiful crafting skill. I…

How to make employers read your job application email

During my work as Chief Creative Officer at a web development company, I received hundreds of job applications emails, daily. From those emails, I only read 2 or 3 emails. The rest went straight into the trash.

Since I founded my own digital agency, Provoactive, at the end of 2013, I opened up few job vacancies and I shared them on my Facebook, on Provoactive’s website and in some groups on Facebook. The response I received pretty good, actually. But it happened once again. …


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