Setting Up Gulp For The First Time

How To Set Up Gulp Tasks

First and foremost, what is Gulp.js? The simple answer is:

Gulp.js is a Task/Build runner that makes use of pipes for streaming data that needs to be processed.

So, how can Gulp.js help during the development process?

There are many programming languages that have _extensions_ that make it easier or more elegant to develop big projects. This extensions can be more powerful at development time by adding features that were not available in the original language.

Some examples are:

  • CoffeeScript => JavaScript
  • Jade => HTML
  • Sass/Less => CSS

This extensions by themselves do nothing… a browser does not understand what CoffeeScript, Jade or Sass are, they have to be compiled into their original languages for the browser to know what you are trying to program.

This is where Gulp.js comes in. There are many plugins that allow you to compile all this extensions into their original language and make it work with a simple line in Terminal.

Setting Gulp.js up the first time can be confusing so in this tutorial I’m going to guide you into running your first tasks to compile CoffeeScript, Jade and Sass into JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


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