Communication Breakdown

an urgent work email goes to the spam box; an opportunity is lost

the algorithm is designed to give you the posts it thinks you most want to see; you miss an important update about a family member that shows up two days later

a glitch prevents you from seeing the details of an event, leading you to believe you were blocked; you have a terrible argument with your friend about it

a dating site knowingly shows you results for someone who is a poor match. it is experimenting on its users. you enter a brief, but toxic relationship

the instant message is marked ‘seen.’ it has not yet been read. you receive no response. you think you are being ignored. you have a terrible argument with your partner

you are having a bad week. you share positive pictures on instagram to cheer yourself up. a loved one accuses you of lying about feeling sad

a tweet out of context from a longer conversation is used to slander a public figure

technology is improving how we communicate with each other, she reads from an article on a tablet as you sit across from each other, not speaking for hours