Less Than 3 Course Meal

I might burn the house down
If I boil the water for pasta 
You tell me as I stand hungry in the kitchen
I laugh thinking it’s a joke
see the rage bubble up in your eyes 
A second hunger rumbles in my stomach 
this one for love that isn’t there

I tell you of Thanksgiving dinners 
and feeding my baby sister 
Remind you the wisdom of my years
the joy of nourishing others 
like a child you refuse the spoon
Lips pursed and head turned away 
A tantrum, tossing your once-favorite food to the floor

I eat alone that night
warm noodles fill me up 
Something for the emptiness inside
Jammy marinara comforts me 
In the quiet I give myself what I need
a dish best shared with others but 
At least I have plenty of leftovers