Is It Time For Americans To Bring Lawsuits Against Sanctuary Cities?

The left loves to use the courts to push their agenda. Mostly because they can’t get it to pass through the legislative branch. There are currently lawsuits fighting sanctuary city laws across the US that would allow cities to keep ignoring federal law. There isn’t however any lawsuits I am aware of that have been filed against cities with sanctuary policies to force them to comply with the laws already on our books. They just keep ignoring the laws and continue to put Americans in jeopardy.

Sanctuary cities are operating without any recourse across the US. Texas and a handful of other states have pass laws recently to attempt to punish these cities by cutting funding and putting elected officials in those cities possible jeopardy of criminal charges. The problem? The cities are using the courts to fight the laws and keep them from actually being forced to comply. They basically are just ignoring the original laws AND the new ones.

Conservatives need to fight fire with fire. Groups need to organize and bring lawsuits against these cities across the US. Victims of crimes by illegal immigrants should be lining up to be apart of this, but average every day Americans that are put in jeopardy by the lack of enforcement of immigration law have a right to this lawsuit as well.

Its time the conservatives in this country stop talking about laws not being enforced and actually use the courts to force them to be. Congress isn’t going to solve this problem. State legislatures are trying but are being held up in court battles of their own. There truly is one way to fix this. Bringing court cases that ultimately rule that cities do not have the right to ignore federal immigration laws they do not wish to enforce.