So I Went To A Local GOP Meeting Last Night to discuss #repealobamacare

Last night I logged off social media. I decided I was going to attend a local GOP meeting to see who was running the show and who attends. I just want to give the #MAGA crowd a heads up… it scared me.

The meeting was at a sports bar in a private room large enough to hold about 40 people. Nearly every seat was taken. I sat down and listened as the speaker talked about weak GOP establishment talking points. In about five minutes I could see that the vast majority of the men in the room were cucks that probably think John McCain is a great person. The women, who surprisingly outnumbered the men looked like they were more concerned with the speech ending so that they could play board games they brought.

Why am I telling you about this non event? Because every single person that is active online working to MAGA should attend at least one of these local GOP functions. They are normally held monthly in each county across the US. You need to be aware that no matter how much work you put in on twitter or facebook… the boots on the ground are most likely being led by complete and total weaklings. We need to take control and use their political resources to drive our agenda. It won’t be hard. Trust me.

I understand that many people are not comfortable with voicing their views outside of social media… But we need to start. We can’t put our faith in these people to lead us to victory in 2018. We also have to admit that many of us are not as educated in political organization laws as these people that went to college for it. We need to make our presence felt there. They want us there. They need us there. Trump supporters are like the backbone for the GOP that it never had. We are the enforcers.

#MAGA Meet ups are a perfect place to start but I highly suggest that you google your local Young Republican Club (its for people up to 40) and your local GOP clubs. Go to one meeting. See who the people are in your neighborhood. You may find out what I did… You are going to have to roll your sleeves up… but these cucks need our help. Social media is a powerful tool but its time we start using it to organize in person as well.

Hit me up on twitter if you want help finding your local groups.