Trump Controls The Democrats Message with #trans Ban

Anyone remember what the Democrats new economic message was? I don’t. Trump announces a ban on trannies in the military and liberals heads explode… forcing the Democrats to quit talking about moderate policies and to comfort their rabid progressive base. Just when you thought Democrats might be coming back from the outskirts of the left… they run back. They are a party of activists. They care more about crazy minorities in the population like transexuals than the majority of the population.

Trump is a master at keeping Democrats message in a place that will keep them from winning anywhere other than the most liberal of areas. Just remember everyone… if you are a straight white male… Democrats hate you… If you are a straight black male… Democrats hate you.. until about 3 months before elections.. then they lie to you and tell you they care. If you work blue collar jobs and make middle class wages… Democrats hate you. Don’t forget this.

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