The case of the missing bell.

Not my picture. Someone else’s picture:

It’s gone. 
Just like that. 

It’s not that I particularly liked it or anything but where the hell is my bell?

I still remember the first time I got to ring it and the little ding-a-ling sound it made. All the feels it gave me, of power.

Ok fine, it never made a lovely ding-a-ling sound like others do. Instead it would make a weak ping like sound that was barely audible but enough to be heard by dogs which let’s face it, with my background, is critical.

It was a shiny, sparkly silver. Blinding almost.

Have you seen my bell?

If you or anyone else has spotted the ultimate bike bell, please send any information on its whereabouts to me.

Or better yet, just send me money. You know, to replace it and whatnot.