How Spaaza built Sissy-Boy’s next generation customer loyalty and marketing program

Dave Sevenoaks
Dec 4, 2015 · 7 min read
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Sissy-Boy’s store in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Photo by Anouk Jansen Holleboom for Sissy-Boy

Sissy-Boy is one of The Netherlands’ leading lifestyle retail brands and, in the last few years particularly, has experienced a lot of success with its unique mix of homeware, fashion and accessories.

In early 2015 Sissy-Boy decided to implement a new customer loyalty program to replace their stamp-card based program.

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Sissy-Boy’s previous stamp card loyalty program

Research shows that most shoppers (93%) have a negative opinion of traditional loyalty programs. Most programs don’t offer real value to customers — often because they are not personally relevant or because they are inflexible. As the number of ways to buy a product online increases (webshops, retailer mobile apps, TV apps, buy buttons, etc) and people have more choice, it’s also increasingly important that loyalty programs work wherever customers choose to shop. Most often this is not the case.

The new loyalty program, called Sissy-Boy Family, needed to do the following to ensure that it delivered real value to both customers and the business:

  • Fit with Sissy-Boy’s unique brand and ethos
  • Create a single view of customers by combining data from all of Sissy-Boy’s shopping channels
  • Reward and incentivise customers wherever they choose to shop: online or in-store (and other channels in the future)
  • Give customers clear and immediate value
  • Create a more personal and social experience
  • Reward customers for engaging with Sissy-Boy’s brand in ways other than just transactions
  • Be easy to use, and understand, for customers and staff

Spaaza + Sissy-Boy

Sissy-Boy chose Spaaza to power their new Family program. Spaaza provides lightweight but powerful tools for retailers to create next generation customer marketing that works across shopping channels.

A single view of customers

The first step in creating the new Sissy-Boy Family program was putting in place Spaaza’s Platform which connects customer data from different shopping and social channels into a single unified profile.

By having a single profile for a customer Sissy-Boy is able to reward many different types of engagement and behaviour and also understand their customers better. This helps to improve the relevancy of future marketing activity, both within Sissy-Boy Family and more generally across the business.

The Spaaza Platform works together with Sissy-Boy’s existing tools and services including their CRM and communication system (Copernica), webshop (Demandware), POS vendor (SRS) and social networks.

A new type of points program using contributors

Sissy-Boy chose to use Spaaza’s Points and Cashback voucher technology as their primary way to reward customers through the new Family program. Spaaza’s points technology lets retailers create campaigns that contribute to the points balance of a customer when a certain event or set of events occurs.

For example an event could be the purchase of a certain type of product or the customer leaving some feedback.

The contributor model allows retailers to create more targeted and personal incentives that can be tied to specific business objectives.

Sissy-Boy chose to use three of Spaaza’s contributor campaigns for the launch of the program:

  1. Earn points on any purchase, online or in store
  2. Earn points when you opt-in to the program
  3. Get points for handing in your old stamp card

Additional Spaaza contributor campaigns can be used by Sissy-Boy as and when required.

Family Rewards: using points with cashback

Sissy-Boy chose Spaaza’s cashback technology which turns points into vouchers, or “Family Rewards”, which can be redeemed in real time as a discount on items in Sissy-Boy’s online and offline stores.

In the case of Sissy-Boy Family one point equals one euro of Family Rewards.

Shoppers have the choice of how much of their saved Family Rewards they want to use on a purchase. They can also choose to not use any and instead use it on a later transaction.

In order to redeem Family Rewards securely and in real time Sissy-Boy used Spaaza’s redemption integrations with their Point of Sale provider, SRS a leading Dutch vendor, and Demandware their webshop provider.

In-store with the Sissy-Boy app

Customers can sign up to the new Sissy-Boy Family program in-store using Sissy-Boy’s app for iOS and Android. Signing up is quick and easy and involves two steps:

  1. Create a Sissy-Boy account (the account is created in Demandware, Sissy-Boy’s webshop software)
  2. Opt in to the new Sissy-Boy Family program (includes giving permission for Sissy-Boy to send relevant email communication)

Once signed up customers can see their points balance and also spend their saved Family Rewards. Using Family Rewards is quick and and easy:

  1. Select how much you want to use
  2. Show your phone or give you name at the cash register
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Create Sissy-Boy account. Opt-in. View saved shopetgoed

By building the Family program into a Sissy-Boy app, shoppers are able to sign up and interact with the program on their own without help from staff and away from the cash register. This saves vaulable time at checkout but also, importantly, encourages shoppers who may just be visiting without purchasing to join the program (most traditional loyalty programs only focus on signing up customers at the checkout).

With the app customers also get full visibility into how much they have saved and can choose what they want to use on their next visit.

Sales Associate interface

Spaaza also provides a web-based tool for Sissy-Boy sales staff to use in store. The Sales Associate Interface lets staff:

  1. Create new accounts and opt customers into the loyalty program
  2. Search for existing customers quickly and easily
  3. Use personalised rewards on behalf of the shopper

Spaaza’s Sales Associate Interface works with the SRS cash register system at the checkout counter but it also works on any other device which means that staff can use their in-store tablets to create accounts and activate rewards throughout the store.

It’s up to customers whether they want to engage with the Sissy-Boy family program through the Sissy-Boy app or via staff in store.

On Sissy-Boy’s Demandware webshop

In mid-2015 Sissy-Boy went live with their new webshop, built using the Demandware platform.

Sissy-Boy’s Family program works seamlessly on the webshop with the help of Spaaza’s Demandware Cartridge. Customer’s create an account in the normal way and then choose to opt into the program.

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Signed in customers can view their points on all webshop pages

Using rewards at checkout is fast and secure and makes use of Demandware’s order object attributes to ensure that any adjustments are correctly accounted for.

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Select how much you want to spend. The order is updated in real time

Importantly, any points that are earned or spent on returned items from the webshop are also reversed and correctly accounted for by Spaaza (this also works with returns in store).

Sending welcome mails using automation and web hooks

Sissy-Boy makes use of Spaaza’s web hooks to send personalised welcome emails to Sissy-Boy Family members. The content of each mail varies based on how the customer signed up.

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The welcome email send to Sissy-Boy Family members

Tools for head office

Staff at Sissy-Boy HQ have access to a range of analytics tools and dashboards that are updated in real time to reflect the performance of Sissy-Boy Family, both overall and in specific digital and store channels.

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A real time overview of Sissy-Boy Family performance (NOTE not real data)

Sissy-Boy uses Spaaza’s unified customer profiles, statistical analysis and segmentation technology to easily create groups of customers and, if required, export this data to other services. This makes it easy to communicate with a specific group of customers. For example: email all big-spending customers who have bought a particular brand from a particular store.

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Segmentation tools in the Spaaza Console

Some results so far

Sissy-Boy Family went live in September 2015 and has been a great success so far with more than 65% of all customers in physical stores using the program. The reaction from staff and customers has been universally positive.

“We are very happy with Spaaza and the results we’ve seen from Sissy Boy Family. We’ve seen a huge proportion of our customers engaging with the program, with a very positive impact on our business.

Our customers and store staff are very enthusiastic. We’re also really excited about the possibilities we have to expand the program with Spaaza in the future.”

Rachelle Smeets, Marketing Manager, Sissy-Boy

We‘re looking forward to seeing how Sissy-Boy Family evolves and the interesting ways Sissy-Boy uses Spaaza’s tools in the future to create better relationships with their customers.

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