The Dazzling Expanse of Pembrokeshire, From the Water to the Desert

The coastline expanse of Wales offers what may very likely be the most spectacular view in the world. Aside from New Zealand (and even then, it’s a toss-up), the landscapes of Wales are unprecedented in their stunning beauty. It is almost impossible not to relax to the deepest pores of one’s body. This is what Pembrokeshire has to offer. It is one of the greatest spa breaks and spa-oriented adventures a traveler can ever partake on.

All Landscapes, All Vistas

Perhaps the most dazzling aspect of Pembrokeshire is what it does not include. The view of this coastal adventure encompasses nearly all major arcs of beauty. Viewers will see the sprawling sandy beaches as they rest on the coast of Wales. The water rushes in, indefinitely, and offers that continuous lure of the ocean crashes. But, the coasts are fragmented, and Pembrokeshire offers a brilliant view of the cliff falls. The ragged coastline is stunning and steep, adding that extra special something to the scale of the country.

The Mountainsides

But, that is not all. Visitors can follow their eyes up the coastal ridges and into the mountain slopes. See, visitors can indulge in the radiant mountains that overlook the coast. The mountains tower over the coastline, and the sheer slope lines are impressive in their own right. Visitors can enjoy the terrain of the mountains. The mountains contain some lovely desert vistas, as sand cascades down the sides of the mountains.

From the water to the desert, Pembrokeshire has it all. Visitors can surf, hike, and generally soak in everything the village has to offer. Visitors can kayak along the shore while taking breaks from the spa.

The whole area is a captivating example of the best of all worlds. It includes the water, the beach, the coasts, the slopes, the mountains, and the desert in an astonishing rush of the landscape. All of this can be enjoyed with regular spa days. Pembrokeshire is a natural landscape of incredible beauty. But, it is still a natural spa. The spa rests along possibly the greatest expanse of land in the country.