Coral is Space Decentral’s pilot mission, with the ultimate goal of enabling a large scale lunar infrastructure for human settlement. See also our previous post “Introducing Coral, an Open Lunar Space Program.”

Once Coral proves itself capable of reliably and repeatedly producing usable products such as equipment replacement parts or construction elements on the Moon, it will be ready for business.

The development curve for these capabilities will take off from simple but robust elements to more sophisticated and complex elements. This progressive development embodies improving performance and sophistication both in the Coral printer and the products it makes. …

An article by Frans von der Dunk, Prof at the University of Nebraska, explains the 1967 Outer Space Treaty’s implications for owning resources extracted from the Moon, asteroids, or other celestial bodies.

The Outer Space Treaty is the one international agreement that truly governs prospective national, commercial, and international space activities. For the purpose to the Treaty, a commercial activity conducted by a company incorporated in a country counts as a national activity of that country.

Von der Dunk gives an overview of two competing interpretations, that of the United States and Luxembourg (as the gateway to the European Union)…

Rendering of the Altair Lunar Lander

As the prospect of returning humans to the Moon becomes a more frequent topic of discussion, it would be valuable to describe the circumstances that led to the demise of NASA’s last attempt: the Constellation Lunar Program that ran from 2004 to 2010.

The Constellation Program poses a cautionary tale about what can happen because of lukewarm political and financial support for such an undertaking.

I worked on the Constellation Program Altair Lunar Lander at Northrop Grumman from 2006–2010 when President Obama cancelled Constellation — except for the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV, later re-acronymed as the Multipurpose Crew Vehicle…

Marc M. Cohen

Founder of Space Architecture as a Discipline. Mission Architecture Lead @SpaceDecentral & Co-owner @SpaceCoopInc. Previously @NASAAmes @northropgrumman

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