First off, this is an interesting and important line of research.
Ben Byriel

Thank you for your comments, Ben. You raise a number of insightful points, which is precisely what we hoped to achieve with the survey, so we sincerely appreciate your perceptive, critical thinking.

Indeed, the aim of the survey is to trigger a broader conversation about AI and to encourage people to consider the kind of relationship they wish to have with this emerging field of technology. While acknowledging that democracy isn’t a perfect form of governance and that its consequences are not necessarily palatable, we nonetheless believe we need a more democratic approach to AI than currently exists. Which is to say one in which the many people — not the few — are involved in the conversation about what AI is and what it could or should be.

To that end, the survey doesn’t aim to provide definitive answers or conclusions. Indeed, it is immaterial whether the majority of respondents want AI to be, say, religious or motherly or male. While we hope the results of the survey prove to be interesting, of course, we remain mindful of the very points you raise about methodology, sample size, and so on. Thus, the results are only intended to be potentially applicable — rather than *necessarily* so. And the purpose of the survey is to spark a discussion about a topic that has been largely ignored until now.

For now, that discussion may well take place among a select group of people — people who, as you say, are interested in SPACE10, AI, human-centred design, and so on. However, the results of the survey will continuously be updated on the site — and our hope is that the conversation the survey triggers inspires future AI-related projects.

On a separate note, we are of course delighted to hear that you are coming to Copenhagen soon. By all means, drop by for an event when you’re in town. Our interests certainly overlap, and so we hope to continue the conversation with you.

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