Space Capture

‘DGTL matte’, ‘STRSfsync’ and ‘Proximatte’ are my continuous effort on Depth map [space-capture] and matting

my recent involvement on a technique called Proximatte. The word Proximatte is derived from Proximity, Proximal to mean how close is an object, from a stand point of view of a scene. The methods and strategies here described are where a scene with elements felt and objects seen that are located in various distances in space [field of depth] constructed in to a virtual map. The Data acquired is used from receptors that are variously called as sensor, capture, receiver or detector in the form of tool/ gadget like a camera, telescope, microphone, smell sensor etc.

It encompasses the fields of entertainment, Expression / motion capture, Virtual Reality, 3Dscan, Projection, Ai-vision, Surveillance etc., In Virtual Reality it relates the captured image as space and visualization …………………. It further extends to techniques like ‘expression-capture’ and ‘motion-capture’ in special-effect and animation in movies.

I will post on updates soon

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