SpaceChain has adopted a dual token model — ERC-20 and QRC-20 — to support its development network. The QRC-20 SPC token and ERC-20 SPC token have a 1:1 swap exchange rate.

Please deposit your tokens before September 14th (11:59 AM, UTC+8) into the exchanges listed below if you wish to have your SPC tokens switched over from QRC-20 to the new ERC-20 SPC Token.

The official switch over process will begin on September 14th (11:59 AM, UTC+8) and will end on September 17th (11:59 AM, UTC+8), on the exchanges listed below.

Please do not make any transactions with your SPC tokens from September 14th to the 17th.You also have the option to perform the swap yourself via the QBao Wallet from September 14th and onwards.

Please read through the swap information carefully — double check and make sure that you are entering the new SPC address when depositing or withdrawing. All SpaceChain information and updates will be published through our official channels.

For more details about the official swap information, visit or

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