SpaceChain Weekly Report (May 14 to May 20, 2018)

There is more progress on our hardware development this week. Plus, the team participated in Consensus in New York, US.


Hardware progress

The hardware interface test is complete.

The hardware team continued to perform basic hardware functional testing of the SpaceChain node test board. At present, the hardware debugging of the basic peripherals of the test board has been completed and no issues have been identified. Because the interface design of Nandflash in the node hardware design scheme was adjusted before, the hardware team needed to reinspect the new Nandflash.

System migration starts.

The software team started transplanting the SpaceChain OS on the node hardware. The software development work of the hardware node’s power on and system boot has been completed. Its main function is to complete the self-check and initialization of the node’s underlying hardware when the node is powered on, provide a basic operating environment for the operating system, and then to load and start the operating system.

The software team will follow up on updates to the operating system and the on-board peripheral drivers.

Open Source Software System SpaceChain OS

Open source document work:

The team carried out open source software document editing and online work. This week, the team completed the editing and online development of the following documents:

  1. SPC002012 shell User Manual CN

The SpaceChain OS shell command supports tailoring and you can choose whether or not you want this feature. For a single command, trimming or additions are also supported. This document describes the mode of trimming. At the same time, this document can be used as a user’s manual to refer to the OS’s own command format and functions.

2. SPC003001 RealEvo-QT Product Manual CN

3. SPC003001 RealEvo-QT Product Manual EN

RealEvo-QT is part of the RealEvo family of tools. QT is a very easy to use and is a powerful graphical tool. We have done a lot of work to port QT to SpaceChain OS and made it easier to deploy and develop QT by embedding our tools. This document describes how to install using this tool.


Community activities

On May 14, SpaceChain co-founder and CTO Jeff Garzik, co-founder and CEO Zheng Zuo and advisor Matthew Roszak participated in the Consensus conference in New York. To allow the participants to understand the SpaceChain project better, the team members set up a special booth at the site to engage blockchain enthusiasts and introduced the current technical route and project progress.

From left: SpaceChain co-founder and CEO Zheng Zuo with co-founder and CTO Jeff Garzik at Consensus.
Advisor Matthew Roszak (left) with Zheng Zuo.
Co-founder and CTO Jeff Garzik being interviewed on site.