SPC Weekly Report (May 21 to May 27, 2018)

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We’ve made significant progress on our technology this week. We will also be carrying out migration of SpaceChain OS to the Ethereum chain. Plus, we have made it onto the 2018 Map of the Blockchain/Crypto Ecosystem. See you can spot us on the map.


The hardware team has finished the interface testing for the space blockchain node No issues were identified, and it has begun to transition to the interface software testing Demo and the development of peripheral development documents. When all are completed, they will be delivered to the software team.

This week, the software team ported the SpaceChain OS on the ZYNQ development board with the same architecture as the node and tested the ported blockchain software on it. They found that the connection time is too long. This led to the cumulative time error on the node, resulting in the failure of the block synchronization. But, they have solved this. The software team has also fixed the vulnerability and updated the code version. At the same time, the software team’s development of customized BSPs for blockchain nodes is also running in parallel.

  • OS development work:

On February 27, we received an invitation from the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) to become a member of the alliance. The EEA is a blockchain alliance based on Ethereum. It aims to collaborate on the development of standards and technologies to make it easier for companies to use the Ethereum blockchain code to move toward the era of distributed ledger systems. The alliance also increases the privacy, security and scalability of the Ethereum blockchain, making it more applicable to business applications. Its current team members include JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Intel, Accenture, Santander, BP, Credit Suisse, UBS, BBVA, Bank of New York Mellon, Thomson Reuters, and ConsenSys and BlockApps.

After joining the EEA, we met with the members and conducted a variety of technical exchange activities. After a discussion, the Enterprise Ethereum Union and its members used our SpaceChain OS, our embedded operating system, to combine blockchains and embedded devices to create satellite nodes and ground equipment nodes. The members expressed interest, and their hope to expand their ecology and application based on such software and hardware infrastructure.

After internal consultations, we have decided to carry out the migration of the company’s Ethereum chain technology on SpaceChain OS. Prior to this, SpaceChain OS has completed the migration of Qtum public chain technology, making SpaceChain OS an operating system platform supporting Qtum applications. The migration of Ethereum’s public chain technology will also enable SpaceChain OS to support the enterprise’s Ethereum ecological application and expand its application scope.

This week, the OS team has completed the code evaluation and project definition work. The project has completed and is currently carrying out the specific work of its transplantation.

  • Open source document finishing work:

This week, the team plans to issue the following documents:

— SPC002004 SpaceChain OS White Paper CN V1.0

SpaceChain OS is the most important part of our contribution to the embedded community, blockchain community and aerospace community. The OS supports a large number of CPUs, middleware and applications. Through the OS, we have established a unified basis for space applications, increased the proportion of software reuse and reduced repetitive development costs. At the same time, we have extended the application scenario of blockchains. Through the integration of OS, the blockchain can run on many low-cost embedded processors and in harsh environments. The OS carries many of our goals, ideals and ways to fulfill our ideals.


The blockchain ecosystem map was published by bitcoin authoritative media yBitcoin, presenting an urban landscape through 3D and photo processing technology. The map is subdivided into 10 islands, each depicting a different industry: mining, processing, media and promotion, currency, wallet/hardware, exchanges, corporations, blockchain corporate headquarters and blockchain applications and projects.

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  • We have been featured in Orbs blog: “Qtum and SpaceChain’s satellites, OS brings nodes to space and decentralization to nanosats”. Read the article here.

On Sept 24, we were listed on the Exrates.me US exchange. You can obtain SPC tokens there now. Visit https://exrates.me.

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