Saying goodbye

SpaceCP is shutting down on August 10th 2017

When we set out to build SpaceCP in October of 2012, we had the vision to reinvent the way people hosted and managed game servers. Back then everything was still mostly manual. Sure control panels existed, but most of them were either glorified text editors and start-stop buttons, or specific to a single game.

SpaceCP was born as a passion product, driven by Jamy, myself, and numerous other contributors over the years. We put countless amounts of time into developing this simple idea, that game server administration should be simple, and beautiful.

There have been some hardships along the way. The downfall of Bukkit, as well as the rise of new technologies and the advancements of our personal lives continuously influenced our development.

As development continued, so did our lives.
In 2014 I joined a leading Minecraft server hosting company as a web engineer. Jamy joined shortly after. Around six months later, this company started a new endeavor: Beam.
And Beam turned out to be much, much bigger than any of us had imagined. I will spare you the details, but both Jamy and I have found ourselves strapped on time ever since.

Which brings us to today, five years later: that’s a long time! Over these five years, we have spent many hours of our free time on developing this panel of ours. We’ve learned a lot in this adventure. In many ways, SpaceCP has helped shape us as engineers, as designers, and as entrepreneurs.

We never asked for money, since we didn’t want to charge anybody for something we didn’t deem sufficiently complete and up to our standards.

But truth be told, at some point, we came to the realization that SpaceCP’s development was at a stall. We could no longer find enough time to continue its development, nor could we find enough justification to make more sacrifices in our lives to make that time.

We have spent a long time musing over how we should continue things. And while this is no easy decision, we have decided to shut down the project on Aug 10th 2017 permanently.

We remain deeply moved by the passion that you, our users, have brought to the project over the years. It truly has shaped us as developers, and as human beings. We cannot thank you all enough for your energy, your vision, and your passion. It shall drive us, even now, into the future.

Thank you.



When are you shutting down?

August 10th, 2017

What will happen to my server?

You will not lose your server since it’s not hosted on SpaceCP. You will, however, lose the ability to manage it through our panel. You will need to use the command line or alternative administration tools in the future.

What will happen to the data stored on the SpaceCP service?

We will destroy all data stored on our server, as well as any backups, after the service shuts down on August 10th.

Are you going to release the source code or open source the project?