I need your help.

Please read previous blog to under what is SpaceCrew

SpaceCrew can’t be a one man organization. It is team mission and I need help, support, mentor etc. But more importantly I need of cofounders, not only one but many :)

Interested in being part of team (cofounders)

If you are space enthusiastic ( who is open to take risk for space exploration) and interested to know more about SpaceCrew ( although I shared mostly) please connect with me via AngelList.

You also want to go to space and want to trained yourself

If you are a curious individual who wants to go space and ready to commit for training and hustle for it. Here is my email [spacecrew.team@gmail.com]

If you are an skilled expert and find SpaceCrew basic idea interesting

If you are an astronaut, aerospace engineers, scientist, physiologist or expert in any branch and interested to help me out and share advice or mentor me on this project. I need your expertise and help. Please connect on @spacecrewteam or email or just comment. I will get back to you.

If you are working in space agency, aerospace institute or private space company or space startups incubator and interested to know more about SpaceCrew and me. Please just say hi to @spacecrewteam or email or just comment. I will get back to you.

And you just space enthusiastic and came across to SpaceCrew and like the idea. It will be great if you can show your support by following us on twitter @spacecrewteam

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