Thought process behind SpaceCrew idea.

We are way slow ( snail speed) when it comes to space exploration and scientific research behind it. We have to speed up things in X100. It means exponentially.

I am a guy who is curious about the universe. I want to know what is in the universe. But it is too hard for even for top space agencies to progress.

Normally there are three steps to explore universe

Step 1- Use telescope and satellite to see what is out there

Step 2- Send robots to perform experiments

Step 3- Go there and explore it further

Now, the problem is we can not stop at step 3 and come back to earth each and every time and start all over again from Step 1. We have to keep doing it from where we end it. We have to map the universe. We have ISS, we need more space stations probably on Moon or Mars or on many planets where we can set up human base camp. It required not only machines but human to participation on the scale. It is only possible when we use more manned space missions. Yes, these missions must be safe but we can not make it 100% safe and we need humans who are ready to take the risk. Risking the life for space exploration.

In current scenario, Whenever a human says, he/she is ready to go to space. It is understood thing that humans is ready to take risk of life. there are chances that he/she will die. During training or in actual mission.

This will change in future but in near future, not so much. Humans has to put the life in danger. So humans who are ready to put the life in danger, there must be no boundary or close system or law which restrict them to do this. It is not suicide, it is call exploration.

Here arguments are not that we have limited astronauts but current system under which this whole process of training, selection and participation happening for space exploration and space mission are not scalable and too slow.

Only open system (no gate keeper ) and open source approach can speed up it. So anyone have access to things which allow them to go to be part of manned space mission. It will open next phase of space exploration. It will scale things up exponentially.

What about a average human limitation ?

Two solution

First — Training ( Open source and accessible )

Training programs for specific to need of every human individuals ( not a general but specific to specific human) — SpaceCrew wants to work on that solution.

Second — Individual Human and Machine collaboration

We always things one robot machine designed to serve all groups of humans . We see humans as groups. But in order to overcome the limitation of humans, which are different for individual to individual, We have to integrate humans and machines together more in space missions on individual level. It means we need to make machines in a way that they safeguard individual humans, make them efficient and increase their ability. But the mission will always lead by a group of humans.

So we need more humans who are ready to explore space and take the risk or even ready to leave earth forever for the idea of exploration and to change humanity.

But not all humans on earth ready to take this challenge but whoever ready for space missions, we must prepare them for space flights. Approach to find skillful people and convince them to go to space is not a good idea but it is much better than finding people who are ready to go to a space mission and provide them skills so that they can add value in the mission.

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